RavenMun / Pandora Hostess, Graphic Designer, Website Owner, Designer & Administrator. WBS Mediation, Public Relations, & Room design help Administrator.

Pandora is an avid role player (in which she began on the old WBS - WebChat Broadcasting System), and has extensive experience with the inner workings of running a room on various sites. She has been host to several rooms in her time, as well as an Administrator for several websites and role play chat sites. She uses her experience to help Gotham to run smoothly, and make it an open and welcoming place for all players. Please don't hesitate to approach Pandora about anything you may need, she loves to help, and she enjoys learning new ideas and suggestions for the site and the room.

Labratio Co-Host, Website Owner.

Labratio is also an avid role player, and where he lacks experience in the inner workings of running a room, he makes up with eagerness to help and learn! Labratio began role playing on TTR, and the old WebChat Broadcasting System (or WBS for short), and after WBS was dragged under by Disney's GO he traversed the internet, going from various role play sites and winding up here at the new World Broadcasting System (WBS) with Pandora.
Both Pandora and Labratio have extensive knowledge of various Heroes and Villains in the media, but have a particular fondness at this time for the Heroes and Villains you find in a comic book, and in recent movies. Combined, they have a collection of comics and various books that could more than choke a dozen horses- which is much to Pandora's chagrin. Comics, and movies based off Comics aren't all that Pandora and Labratio have knowledge in, which is the reason behind the room being about more than just Comic books. Heroes and Villains come in all shapes and sizes, and the muse for them can come from anywhere, and there is no reason to exclude those ideas either.... because, after all, Comic book heroes and villains were inspired by something other than comics!

Izzy Moderator

Izzy is a long time friend of RavenMun, and has always been on the same page when it comes to the running of a room. He's been a staff member at very nearly every room RavenMun has run, and has been an exceptionally welcoming and calming effect in the rooms. And, if you need a good bad guy- Izzy plays thee best villains!

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