Character Sheets


When you create a character, its important to have some sort of reference for your character that you can go back to.  This is especially important when you make a lot of characters.  Sometimes we all forget our character's abilities, or we want others to know what they can expect when playing with our character so that they can match up a good character with ours.  Character sheets serve many purposes, whatever reason you have that you want or need a character sheet, you can find information on how to create a character sheet here.

  A great place to start off with your character sheet is either a physical sheet, or creating a character page on the wiki.  For more information on the Gotham Wiki, please see our section on the Gotham Wikipedia.

The basic information you need to have when you create a character sheet, or page is:

Real Name


Character History


Strengths & Weaknesses


More great information to have is:










Identity (Secret or known)




Religion (or similar, perhaps like a tribe)

When you use the Wiki to create a character sheet, or character page, you need to use a template.  To learn more about templates, please go to the Gotham and Beyond Wiki:Templates.  Sometimes using the wiki is the easiest way to create a character sheet, so we highly recommend using the wiki for your character sheet. 

But, if you're old school, or you would rather have a character sheet you print out; we've found on the web, or created several character sheets that you can use.  Please note:Documents with a file extension of .odt needs to opened using a freeware software program called Open Office.  We use Open Office because open office can create PDF files, open Microsoft, Corel and other Office program files.  Its a very powerful program, that we highly recommend everyone download; its a great program to create thesis and databases, and in some instances more powerful than the retail Office programs.  Also documents with the file extension .pdf will need the Adobe PDF program, many of the PDF files can be typed into- however, unless you have the retail version of the PDF program you will not be able to save the text you type; but you can print it out with your text written in. 

Generic Character sheet (.odt)

Werewolf the Apocolypse (.odt)


Generic Character sheet (.pdf)

Werewolf the Apocalypse (.pdf)

Kinfolk (Unsung Heroes) (.pdf)

More character sheets to follow.  If you would like to see a character sheet listed here, please feel free to contact Pandora with your request. 

Your character sheet needs to be accurate, don't try to throw people off with false facts about your character.  But its important that anyone that views your character sheet know that this is information for the Player and not information a character knows, unless they have some sort of ability that allows for that. 

Creating a character sheet can help you flesh out your character.  Its the fastest way to do that, and begin to form your character's voice in your head; but without play, your character will only be stats on a page and not become a more real character. 

In the end, you need to remember that this is a tool in helping you flesh out your character- this is not all there is to Role Playing in a chat-room setting like Gotham and Beyond.  You are writing for a character that should be fun for you, and interesting for others as well.  You are writing this character's life story, don't skimp on the details.. but give yourself room to develop your character in your writing.

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