Character Creation

Your character is the creature or being (otherwise known as avatar) that you will be writing for. In online text based role playing you are writing a sort of story for a character. The first things to consider before actually jumping into the writing, is having a base.. your character. What kind of character do you want to write for? Will your character have special powers?


You aren't limited in Gotham to what your character can do. If you want your character to be able to fly without the use of wings, or hey with the use of wings, your imagination is your ONLY limitation. So let your character breath fire, or have cold breath, or x-ray vision, or awesome detective skills! Make it interesting, make it challenging!

Will they have personality traits or flaws to contend with?

Wolverine can't really scratch his ass with his claws now can he? And he does seem to have his... moods, maybe its because he can't scratch his ass! Batman is a stoic guy, and doesn't make friends easily... but the friends he has he can usually count on, right? Seriously, think about this one.. give it a lot of thought as to how certain psychological issues or physical abnormalities might effect your character and their interaction with others.

Will your character be male, or female, or something else entirely?

Are you better playing males, or females.. or are you going to blow the creative scale apart and play something unheard of?

What is the age of your character, is it a very young character, or a very old character, or simply middle-aged?

Does your character miss his youth? Wish he was older? Or is he at just the right time in his life for everything, to find a girl, and to be young enough to fight the good guys and win?!

What is your character's alignment?

Is he good, lawful, evil? How about chaotic? Neutral?

What is your character's race?

Human, Dragon, Fae, mutant, elf. You have no limitations, be creative! Create your own race if you want.

What is your character's overall personality?

Kind, Mean, Obnoxious, Funny? Shy? You decide. Step out of YOUR comfort zone, if you're shy.. write for a character that is obnoxious. This is where you can be something other than what you are.. this is where its safe to be ANYTHING.

What physical traits does your character have?

Blue eyes? Brunette? Hourglass figure, or is he shaped like the Blob? The choices are endless, and remember physical traits can be as much a motivation for how a character behaves as anything else.

Finally, you need a character name. Be creative! Most role players will also develop a character background at this point. Its not necessary, you can develop a back story as you play. But sometimes it will help to have a grasp on the person you're writing about. Having a back story does just that, it helps you decide on how their past will shape your character's responses to things. It makes it more interesting if your character will have a dramatic reaction to something because of their past. Its fun if you have a challenge, your character needs to deal with something from their past, in your present writing for them. After you've created your character you will have the fun task of writing down a character sheet. Granted not all players play with an active character sheet, especially if you suffer raccoonism, but some players find it helpful to keep them focused. And character sheets do help to "advertise" your character a little bit, so that other players can decide if they would like to role play with your character. Gotham and Beyond provides a place for you to write down your character sheets by way of our Wiki. Please visit the Character sheet, and Gotham Wiki sections of the website for more information on how to create a character sheet and how to publish it on our wiki. Once you've decided whether or not you're going to have a character sheet, you can let your artistic creativity flow by making an avatar (picture representation of your character). Or you can ask someone else to go wild and design you a picture avatar. Please keep in mind the picture rules, as some pictures could be inappropriate. Please visit the Avatar / Picture section of this website for information and the guidelines. Keep in mind, like a character sheet, an actual picture representation of your avatar is not necessary to play. But it can add a little bit of richness to your experience.

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