Character Approval

All characters are welcome;  including supernatural, comic book, tv or movie based, book based, and original characters.

Character approval is not required.








Yes, that means that there are several people playing the same characters, though in different storylines.  At Gotham we believe no one has a "right" to claim someone doesn't play a character well enough to play them, because everyone plays differently with a different purpose.  We feel this is in keeping with the way comic book publishers handle different writers of the characters in their universes; No writer will ever write the same as the next, they will take the charater's storyline in different directions and even into different universes.  Sometimes the viewer will enjoy it, sometimes the viewer will not.  But people still read, the writers still enjoy telling a story... and creativity isn't hindered.


So you need not apply for your characters, simply come into Gotham with your character and play!  You can create a storyline, or develop one in the room.  Join a group storyline, or conduct your own private storylines with a few select people.

Be sure to add your character and storyline to the Gotham Wikipedia! While we allow any characters from any time at Gotham, we are an exclusive room. In order to gain entrance to the room, you will need to submit a request for an invite. Don't worry, its not a difficult process.. and we have no intention of limiting people from getting into the room, without good reason. If you can follow the rules, and help us make Gotham a really nice, and safe place to role play, then we really want you playing in our room!