Welcome to Gotham and Beyond

Gotham and Beyond is inspired by DC Comics, Marvel Comics, TopCow (and many other comic publications), Smallville TV show, Batman books and movies, Heroes TV show, as well as various other movies and mediums; and dedicated to the Batman legend and continuing saga.  This is the place where you can explore your favorite Heroes & Villains based on any medium (comics, tv, movies, books, music, art, etc.), and while we are heavily Comic book centric, we welcome anyone with a love for Heroes & Villains.

You could think of us as a sort of "What If?" room, yet with a new and truly unique edge; Any Hero and Villain is up for grabs in your imagination and here.  And while we try to remain freeform in role play rules and stats, for the sake of any arguement that may come up about character abilities, we do reference The Marvel Universe Role-Playing Game (or MURPG).   However, you might be amazed to know that we have not yet had one issue about any of the characters played in our room; thanks to our brilliant players!  And we believe that is what makes our room so special; the talented players, and the creative storylines and concept ideas they come up with.

Afterall; Marvel and DC have never stuck with one writer (or artist) for one of their series like X-Men or Batman, and that's because a lot of writers have fantastic ideas, and those ideas should be enjoyed by everyone able to pick up a copy and read!  And even not enjoyed, as I'm sure we have all encountered a storyline we didn't like, and thought maybe... maybe we could do better.   Which is what we do love about the comic book world (in addition to a million other things), there IS NO LIMIT on your imagination, and just what struggles, pleasures, and life a Hero or Villain will encounter in their lifetime, and the lifetime of their children or spawn.  So even if you don't like how someone plays Wolverine from the X-men, or how Randall Flagg is played in a Stephen King type of role play; in Gotham & Beyond, you can come up with your own ideas, build off of them, and play!

All characters are welcome; including supernatural, comic book, and original characters.  Character approval is not required.  We just ask that you respect that there may be other players in the room playing simular characters, but their storyline does not effect your character (unless you, and they want it to!). You are left up to creating your own storyline, you can play along with comic book storylines, TV show storylines, and other sources for storylines, but we do encourage you to create your own.  Try to remember that new players in your role play can add to the adventure in your own storyline, so we highly encourage you to play with others in the room.  The locations for your settings that you are familiar with from the comics, and tv shows are available.  So you really are only limited by your own imagination.

On the website we are looking forward to some new and exciting changes!  We will be adding sections on the left menu for players who have an established storyline they would like to have featured on the website, with character sheets, images and anything else provided.  In addition to that we will be adding an expanded location section.  But aside from role playing, we will also be adding new features like movie reviews, production information on new movies coming out that seem to gain interest on our forums, and much much more!  If there is a feature you would like to see, our webmaster is always pleased to get the opinions of our guests and residents, so please email the webmaster.

So we welcome you, True Believer!


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